Flying For Hope helps serve others by providing financial assistance for individuals and or families to connect them to their loved ones in an event of a crisis situation. Help serve our mission in a few different ways.

Remember, every contribution works for a greater good – you’re part of that, and you can help spread out message! Let’s continue growing and serving others, together!

Donate Directly
We are a registered 501c3. All proceeds go to serve others. See chart below to see how donations are distributed.

Save and Serve Fundraiser
This is an easy opportunity for you to contribute to our cause and receive a matching gift card to, Groupon and many more!

Fifth Annual Flying for Hope Spring Fever Gala

Saturday, April 14th

Current Events / Get Involved


Our mission is to assist individuals and families in the event of an emergency/crisis situation by providing financial assistance for air travel and/or bus & train tickets.

If deemed necessary, a hotel and/or assistance with car rental may be provided but is subject to approval.
We are a not-for profit and are registered as a 501(C) 3.


Here’s a breakdown of how your donations are put to use:


Website Maintenance

Marketing Costs

Advertising Costs

Administrative Costs


“Flying for hope made it possible for me to spend a week with my father who was terminally ill. Little did we know it would be his last. During that week we laughed talked shared secrets it was a gift from flying for hope and also God.. Susan was so kind and helpful. I was a wreck and she was able to help calm me down. The day I left Dad , he passed on hours later. I like to think he was waiting for me. Susan was my angel on earth the day we made contact…that moment she said yes I can help you Trisha. We will remain friends for life..Dad moved on September 15th , having spent a fabulous week with his daughter thanks to FLYING FOR HOPE.. Please donate so people can have the once in a lifetime visit I had♡♡♡♡♡

Trisha Burkeen Greco -

“I would like to say a HUGE thank you to flying for hope! My grandma passed away on Sunday in Pennsylvania and I didn’t think it was even possible to get out to her funeral especially last minute however thanks to Susan she found flight and offered to book it for me with being a stay at home mom of two boys I was only able to find somebody to watch one of my boys but not the youngest I am greatful that she tried very hard in trying to find two tickets but last minute flight from CA to the east coast to get to the funeral is very challenging. Thank you for helping it means a lot!”

Tracy DeVos Harrison -

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