Welcome to Flying For Hope. We are celebrating 7 years of services. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are currently not able to serve others in need at this time. We are still in need of donations, so any amount is appreciated. We hope we are able to serve you or your family soon so we can continue to change lives one flight at a time.

Susan Worline, President

Flying For Hope helps serve others by providing financial assistance for individuals/families to connect to their loved ones in the event of a crisis situation. Help serve our mission in a few different ways.

Remember, every contribution works for a greater good – you’re part of that, and you can help spread out message! Let’s continue growing and serving others, together!


Our mission is to assist individuals and families in the event of an emergency/crisis situation by providing financial assistance for air travel, bus, and train tickets.
We are a not-for profit and are registered as a 501(C) 3.